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Brand awarness & Client communication with Stereofocus

Product experience has to create curiosity and positive emotions along with Brand awareness to gain sympathy and stay in mind in a constantly emerging market. The consumer in the Year 2014 is overwhelmed by hundreds of visual impression through traditional or new media platforms every day and skips this by a simple ad blocker that preselects unimportant from relevant Information. With this knowledge and experience Stereofocus is able to realize everything, from a single campaign to a complex full service multimedia concept for each target group.

Make your products look great with outstanding photography and enhance your websites content by using 360° or 3D animations. Stereofocus offers consistent, high quality enterprise and product images across all media platforms. Your website or E-Commerce traffic will raise, visitors will stay longer and customers will pay more attention. At the same time it will add more value to your brand and products to maximize your sales.

Stereofocus provides custom solutions and individual designs to let people experience the brand and create an interaction with your customers. Social Media needs more than a brilliant Camera and Lens, it actually needs a good IDEA and a different perspective. The team behind stereofocus loves complex IDEAs and the huge challenges that comes along through all media platforms.